Xbox One receives Blues And Bullets Episode 2: Shaking the Hive

Yes! The first platform where Blues And Bullets was announced was Xbox One, and we are really pleased to see Elliot returning to the action in this second episode on Microsoft console.

The story and gameplay is the same that the second episode on PC, but this time, appart of the chance of getting the second episode as a DLC here, the players now have the chance of picking a bundle of both episodes here. It is a bit cheaper, and if the player has not begun to play Elliot history yet, it is a really good way for introducing new players in this game.

BTW, we will share our thoughts about episodic gaming some day, but meanwhile we have to say that the reception is pretty nice. We have no metacritic yet, but you can check some reviews here:

Glitchfree Gaming
I Love VG

And next days you will know more things about the next place to enjoy Elliot adventures :).