We apologize for our lateness about updating Blues and Bullets second episode. Our team has been working actively in order to deliver this second episode on the second half of January at the same price that the first episode.

On this second episode, Eliot Ness continues his search for the location of Al Capone’s granddaughter and the rest of the kidnapped children. Accompanied by Milton and caught in the deep sea, he will dismantle a dark complot much bigger than he expected. Is Eliot Ness ready to confront the consequences of his acts?

You will have the opportunity to advance in the plot; in this second episode you will find some new features that we hope you will enjoy. Like in the first Blues and Bullets, the game maintains the same stunning graphics, the stunning music performed by Sonotrigger and the original script of Josue Monchán.

Bring the red to your monochrome winter with the second episode!

The users who bought the collector’s edition or the season pass will get the second episode automatically as an update. Now you have no excuse to not follow the trail! :)

The monsters strike back!

Also, we are bringing you some screenshots from the new episode and we invite you to stay tuned for future news.