blues playstation

Blues And Bullets is now on Playstation 4!

It has been a real journey, but at the end we have the Elliot adventures on the newest console from Sony. We are really proud of this development (as we are really proud from the others), and you can buy it a bit cheap (10% less) here. Be fast because tomorrow ends the deal, and who knows when you will have another one like this!

We have received a lot of feedback during these days. From the press we have received a lot of good things, and a lot of youtubers have made videos about the game, but the most repeated question is “when are you going to launch episode 3”.

Blues And Bullets it’s an indie game. We are making it with our own resources, and we have not a publisher that pays us the bills, or puts an schedule over the table. So… we are developing Blues And Bullets in the way we think it is the most convenient for making the best possible game. This means that sometimes we spent a lot of time in details, but at the end the users receive a good game :).

For that reason, we have to say sorry for keep you waiting, but we presume that you will understand that we are making the best for giving you an awesome game.

Thanks for playing it!