As our beloved Art Director would say: mmm... sexy graphics :)

Monsters are going to GDC 2016!

Hello monsters!

We’re glad to announce that Daniel Candil, our Art Director is going to GDC 2016 on Moscone Center San Francisco with the mission of showing the attendees the rich Art of Blues and Bullets: Dominating 256 Shades of Grey. During the conference Dani will offer advice about how to deal with the challenge of using a limited color palette.

Our Art Director also will show creative methods, such as the Attention Pyramid, to improve the visual rhythm and break the monotony and the presence of the color grey. In addition, Daniel will show practical examples of how the Pyramid has influenced the artistic direction and the designing of the scenes, colors and illumination.

You will be able to check his speech on the GDC 2016 on this link below: