Blues And Bullets

posterBB_webAn episodic noir story

Blues And Bullets is an episodic noir story where you will need to survive thrilling shootouts, dark investigations, difficult decisions to make and unexpected story twists in the skin of Eliot Ness who struggles with his own demons trapped in a decadent city. The game has been awarded at Game Connection Development Awards in the category of Excellence in Story & StoryTelling. The first episode will be released this Summer for Xbox One and PC.




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Funk of Titans

He is Super Cool …

Funk of Titans is our first console videogame at A Crowd of Monsters, and we presented it on Gamescom 2014 for Xbox One. The game was released on January 2015 for the newest console of Microsoft.


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The epic adventure of the sweetest hero

Sugar Kid is our first videogame for iOS Devices. The game was the third biggest seller in the Apple Store during its first week of release and won the best arcade game at Burger Developer of 2013 and the best game at Generació Digital Awards the same year. We are very proud of the success of our sweet hero! 


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