Blues And Bullets, nominated to Academy Awards (Gamelab)

We are so happy to see (you can check it here: that we are nominated till four times to the Spanish Videogames Academy Awards (given at Gamelab 2016). Best console game, best PC game, best art direction and best sound.

The rivals are powerful, so the competition will be hard, but we trust in our forces. So,if you want to give us your best wishes, you have till the 27th of June to vote for the best public award here:

And… if you are in Barcelona these days, don’t forget to say hi to us :)

blues playstation

Blues And Bullets is now on Playstation 4!

It has been a real journey, but at the end we have the Elliot adventures on the newest console from Sony. We are really proud of this development (as we are really proud from the others), and you can buy it a bit cheap (10% less) here. Be fast because tomorrow ends the deal, and who knows when you will have another one like this!

We have received a lot of feedback during these days. From the press we have received a lot of good things, and a lot of youtubers have made videos about the game, but the most repeated question is “when are you going to launch episode 3”.

Blues And Bullets it’s an indie game. We are making it with our own resources, and we have not a publisher that pays us the bills, or puts an schedule over the table. So… we are developing Blues And Bullets in the way we think it is the most convenient for making the best possible game. This means that sometimes we spent a lot of time in details, but at the end the users receive a good game :).

For that reason, we have to say sorry for keep you waiting, but we presume that you will understand that we are making the best for giving you an awesome game.

Thanks for playing it!


Xbox One receives Blues And Bullets Episode 2: Shaking the Hive

Yes! The first platform where Blues And Bullets was announced was Xbox One, and we are really pleased to see Elliot returning to the action in this second episode on Microsoft console.

The story and gameplay is the same that the second episode on PC, but this time, appart of the chance of getting the second episode as a DLC here, the players now have the chance of picking a bundle of both episodes here. It is a bit cheaper, and if the player has not begun to play Elliot history yet, it is a really good way for introducing new players in this game.

BTW, we will share our thoughts about episodic gaming some day, but meanwhile we have to say that the reception is pretty nice. We have no metacritic yet, but you can check some reviews here:

Glitchfree Gaming
I Love VG

And next days you will know more things about the next place to enjoy Elliot adventures :).


Unepic Times!

This is something we are really happy to announce. You can play Unepic on Playstation Vita and Playstation 4 (cross buy, cross save) thanks to the agreement we have done with Francisco Tellez de Meneses, the solo dev that performed Unepic by its own (with some help on music and voices).

Just in case you have been buried in a coffin during all these years, Unepic is a “metroidvania” that comes from before these name arrived to the videogame scene. And this is because in 1987 Konami developed a game that was called “Maze of Galious”, and Unepic is like a spiritual successor, at its own, of this game.

Extracted from the official description: “Daniel was just an average guy. Video game player, big fan of sci-fi movies, and a novice RPG player. In the midst of an RPG, he was teleported to a castle. Daniel believed that he was having a massive hallucination. Eager to keep playing within the RPG to create his own adventure, he decides to go along for the ride until his delirium comes to an end.

Once inside the castle, Daniel is inhabited by a mysterious shadow. This dark spirit can communicate with Daniel, but not control him. The shadow has a simple goal: to escape from the prison of Daniel’s body. There’s a catch: the dark spirit can only escape if Daniel perishes.

Struggling against enemies in the castle, with the dark spirit attempting to murder him at every turn, Daniel finally discovers his goal: to kill Harnakon, the master of the castle, and free the Pure-Spirits who are trapped within.”

So… it is a really good game for being played on PS Vita, a version that you can play in everyplace you are, and if you prefer to play it on the big screen, the Playstation 4 version is a really nice one.


Blues And Bullets Episode 2: Shaking the Hive, is here!

We are honored to announce that today you will be able to download the second episode of Blues And Bullets on Steam , under the name “Shaking the Hive.”

In this second episode we will get to know gruesome stories from Eliot’s past, advance in the investigation and we will face challenges of all kinds and moral dilemmas.

It is an episode in which we have put a lot of work and made improvements in both the graphics and gameplay. Now you will be able to play it on PC, and after the GDC we will release it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (both the first episode and this one). We do not have the exact date yet, but it is expected to be late March or early April.

Remember that and there is also a new comic of Blues And Bullets in digital format with three new stories and remember that Blues And Bullets will be rocking at GDC 2016. If you are going to be there, come say hi! :).

We hope you will enjoy the episode a lot! Meanwhile, here is the new trailer:

And some images: