We apologize for our lateness about updating Blues and Bullets second episode. Our team has been working actively in order to deliver this second episode on the second half of January at the same price that the first episode.

On this second episode, Eliot Ness continues his search for the location of Al Capone’s granddaughter and the rest of the kidnapped children. Accompanied by Milton and caught in the deep sea, he will dismantle a dark complot much bigger than he expected. Is Eliot Ness ready to confront the consequences of his acts?

You will have the opportunity to advance in the plot; in this second episode you will find some new features that we hope you will enjoy. Like in the first Blues and Bullets, the game maintains the same stunning graphics, the stunning music performed by Sonotrigger and the original script of Josue Monchán.

Bring the red to your monochrome winter with the second episode!

The users who bought the collector’s edition or the season pass will get the second episode automatically as an update. Now you have no excuse to not follow the trail! :)

The monsters strike back!

Also, we are bringing you some screenshots from the new episode and we invite you to stay tuned for future news.


Blues And Bullets launch announced for Xbox One the 28th of August!

Important notice for this friday!

If you follow us on Facebook you will know that we are pretty happy with the reception Blues And Bullets has on Steam: 93% of the Steam reviews are positive (this means 166 out of 179 people liked it), 7.2/10 in Metacritic (with a range of scores from 9 to 6 ) and a lot of comments through internet.

But in PC we have a problem: We don’t know your computer specs, how you use it , if you have it updated to the latest drivers, etc. This means that depending on many things, you can play our game well, or not.

This problem is solved with Xbox One. Apart from some minor details, all the Xbox One devices are the same, so we know the experience you will get the moment you play Blues And Bullets. For this reason we think that the reception of the first chapter of Blues And Bullets on Xbox One will be EVEN BETTER than in PC. We cannot wait for the launching day…

…that will be this Friday. The game has been approved by ESRB, PEGI and USK as mature (+17,+16), and if nothing weird happens it will be available in your Xbox One stores this friday for 4.99 €, 4.99$ or 3.99£.

We will prepare a new trailer and some promotions to celebrate the release this friday, so… stay tuned for it!

Blues And Bullets header

Blues And Bullets it’s on Steam!

Yes! A bit sooner that expected we have launched our game Blues And Bullets. You can acquire the first chapter, all the season at once or a deluxe digital version that includes a comic book and the soundtrack here.

We have worked A LOT since 2009, when a group of students began a project called The Last Dance. This project ended being an “Honorable Mention” at IGF 2010. You can check it here. With this project this team started the long process of creating their own company and meanwhile they earnt experience working in several other companies, like Digital Legends, for projects like EA Battlefield 2 or Disney’s Split Second.

This team never let the idea to make a commercial release of this game go, and for that reason in 2011 they became A Crowd of Monsters, and there is a hidden video that demonstrates that they tried to make a new version of the game. After developing Sugar Kid and when Funk of Titans was close to the end, we made a prototype of what we wanted to make with the evolution of The Last Dance, now called “Blues And Bullets”. You can take an exclusive look here :) . There is even an Ouya version of this game, never released!

In September 2014 we were able to begin the real development of Blues And Bullets. We hired a team of very nice developers (and better people :D), and with them, OMUK, Mocap Bcn, Sonotrigger , Universally Speaking and a lot of effort and help from other people, we have developed the first chapter of the game of our dreams. We hope you like it, and we will be very glad to listen your feedback. Enjoy it!


The first chapter of Blues And Bullets launches July 23 on Steam!


After the emotions of finishing the Bit Summit at Kyoto…

Starting July 23, 2015, PC Windows users will be able to play the first chapter of Blues And Bullets on Steam for $4.99!

Blues And Bullets is one of the most awaited games in the world-wide gaming community. Its story allows you take the role of the famous Eliot Ness, 20 years after he arrested the notorious criminal Al Capone.

The action takes place in the fictional city of Santa Esperanza, where a retired Ness runs a diner where police and other law agents frequent. Aesthetically, Blues And Bullets touts an impressive graphic style based in classic American comics and noir fiction style. The script has been written by Josué Monchán, the same writer that created the script from Runaway and Yesterday, among other great graphical adventures.

The music has been written by the multi awarded compositor Damian Sánchez, from the music studio Sonotrigger, and the main theme has been composed and interpreted by the Spanish singer Izä. For the voicing talent, the title has used Doug Cockle (Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher 2,3) as Elliot Ness, and Jules de Jongh (Faith from Mirrors Edge), an important character that will appear later in the chapter. This title is our most ambitious game yet, and through storytelling and music, it will take you to the deepest and darkest parts of a tortured soul. Visually it will immerse you in a realistic comic world with a taste of German Expressionism.

We began the project in 2009 at our university, and it received an honorable mention in the student category at IGF 2010. We want that our game to be a title that all the players of the world can play, and for that reason the first chapter will be at the reasonable price of $4.99, 10% cheaper the first week on Steam. Players that would like to play the entire game can pick up the entire season for $19.99, which includes 5 chapters.

You can find some more info at the Game Website, or you can go to the Steam webpage.


Funk of Titans everywhere!


Hello Mortals!

After this human event that it is the E3, we have really good news for you, our loyal players that believe that Funk is the only music from the gods. My (bastard) son Perseus has a sacred mission, and this mission has to be carried all around the world, the Olympus, and the rest of the universe (including other planes, dimensions and parallel spaces). This is why he will be dancing one platform floor after the other during this summer, so you can join him and do your best in confronting and defeating the champions of pagan rythms like Pop, Rock and Rap in these selected machines:

  • Nintendo Wii U: Funk of Titans appeared in America a few weeks ago thanks to Enjoy Up, and from the 9th of July you will be able to play it in Europe too!
  • Nvidia Shield Android Tv: Yes, the ultra modern machine from Nvidia has our game testing its circuits since the 30th of June! You can download it from here.
  • PC – Steam: We can’t say much because some of the announcements are still a secret, but it seems that at the end of July you will be able to play it in your PC, thanks to an still unknown publisher.
  • Playstation 4 – Playstation Vita: Yes! In the near future the game will appear in your Sony platform… even in China, thanks to the chinese company Another Indie Studio.

And that’s all. We wanted to port Funk of Titans to Game Gear, because it’s a perfect game for a portable device, but it seems that its powerful Z80 has some problems with Perseus’ polygons. We will continue trying port it, don’t worry!