Working on Blues And Bullets

The importance of the hud

One imprtant thing to work in a game is to make a proper interface. Here you can see the master D.C. putting in the right place the icons of a conversation between Milton and Elliot, the main characters of Blues And Bullets. You can see that the game is done in colors, but we prefer to show it to you in black and white and red to highlight and enhance details.

Stay tuned if you’re interested because we’re gonna post more videos like this one to show you the way we work!!

GameBCN 1

Games with future

ACOM at demo day by Game BCN

The future of Spanish videogame industry is guaranteed as illustrated by the success of the Demo Day recently organized by Game BCN, an incubator specialized in video game projects. During the show, eight young developers had the opportunity to show their projects to the industry, press and investors in order to attract private investment to turn their game into reality.

Every team had eight minutes to explain its game and they did it with passion and professionally. Hope that Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows, Iconic Worlds, Crazy Pixel Streaker, Alien Invasion Brain Training, Tower Revenge, Realm of the Turtle King, Super Red-Hot Hero and Cranko have the opportunity to become a reality very soon.

Blues And Bullets facial animation


Humans have about 40 facial muscles that, among other things, control our expressions. To animate them in order to create expressive faces for Blues And Bullets characters is probably one of the most difficult parts of our work. Fortunately, we have the software to do it and a professional actress who transmits personality and authenticity to the characters… This video shows you how we work:



San Francisco monster’s tour

Visit the Fog City with us!

We are not certificate tourist guides, neither geography experts. In fact we are not clear on where is San Francisco located and cannot assure if this information is useful for somebody… But we’re convinced (well, not at all…) that you will have a good time discovering San Francisco with us. This is the photo album of our travel to the city during GDC. Enjoy it!

Rezzed 2015 blues and bullets

Try out Blues And Bullets at EGX Rezzed

This is our stand at EGX Rezzed 2015 where we ‘re presenting Blues And Bullets to the European public after the international presentation at GDC in San Francisco. If you’re in London during this week you can play the first 15 minutes of our new game and chat with our CEO, @NaeVal, who is waiting for your feedback! Let us know what you think on our new game…