A Crowd of Monsters <3 Xbox One

When we began to form our company, our mission was to make good games. One of the first thing we did is to share among ourselves what is “a good game”, because, for each one it is something completely different. There appeared several names, like “Shadow of the Colossus”, “Mass Effect”, “Vandal Hearts”, “Parodius”, or “Psychonauts”, among others.

This is the type of games we want to make, big games, done with love, a lot of effort, that bring to the player the best we can do. The best graphics, the best game design, the best ideas, the best music.

One of our dreams was to make console games. For that reason, we have several Ouya in the office, and other strange systems. And now Microsoft has announced worldwide that A Crowd of Monsters is one of the studios that are working now at ID@Xbox (you can check the list here, we are the second on the list, and look! Alientrap! The Behemoth! OMG) . Yes, that means that now we can make Xbox One games, and we are working on Xbox One games.

Still we cannot announce any project, but we can say something. For us is strange to read, on one side, the news related to ID@XBox program, meanwhile it has worked really well for us till now. We don’t know why, if we are a small company that no one owes us nothing, we have no problems on this system, and we have read all types of problems about other companies. This world is strange.

So… Welcome to anyone that has visited our website today as the first time, we expect to announce things sooner than later, and yes, A Crowd of Monster and A Crowd of Monsters is the same thing(our legal name has no S at the end, but the trademark has S… things from the registers…). Thank you for coming, and keep the faith on us!

Merry Funkychristmas 2013!

It has been an interesting year. We have been traveling from USA to Japan passing through Europe (London, Cologne and Paris). We have “release” one game, and we have 3 more in works. So… we want to give you our best for you and your families & friend in form of a Christmas Card (you have it in spanish too :D ). We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year 2014!


Do you want to see our new games?

Well, you may think that all this year we have been absent or making other things that games, because we have not shown any trailer, any image, of our new games.

But really, we have been very busy. First, with Funk of Titans, a platformer with a mix of Greek Mythology and Funk Music. And second, with Blues & Bullets, our biggest game (when we release it :D ) and something we always wanted to do. Both names are provisional, and we don’t know in which platforms there will be available.

You can check them in a video that the UPF has done for present us as a company. Embedded is the english version, but if you want to listen it in spanish or catalan (with a bit of valencian) you can check it here or here.



More nominations!

Dear friends of A Crowd of Monsters :)

It seems that the events organicers in Spain love us, or something like this, because we have three more nominations these days.

On Wednesday we will be at the first Startup Sauna in Barcelona, managed by the people of Gamelab. We will present our enterprise project to several people together with other excellent projects like the ones from Gamedonia or Bitoon, among others.

Friday we will be at 3D Wire presenting our next project, codenamed Blues & Bullet (more info soon :D ). This event will be in Segovia, and I have to say that I’m impressed with the quality of the other projects.

And finaly, the 27th of November the HoPlay judges will say if we are going to receive any of their international awards. In this moment is the biggest indie event done in spanish territory, and there are international projects really impresive, like Deadlight, Bientot l’ete or Beatbuddy, among others…

As you see, another complex month for our Crowd of Monsters :)

Sugar Kid Con

This week, the second… Sugar Kid Con!

Well, really, we are not going to make any Sugar Kid Con. Or not only a Sugar Kid Con. This year, thanks to Mission Tokyo, we will have a booth at Salon del Manga where we, and other Indie Development Studios, are going to show our games to the rest of the world.

We will share a space with other developers at Stand Number 37 where you will be able to play to our future games, and this includes the new version of Sugar Kid :) .

You can check the time table where we will be there here.

Appart, we will give a Sugar Kid Badge to all the people that comes to us and shows their best survival score at any social network available at the game (until the end of existences).

And the next week, the 7th of November, we will be at Madrid Games Week :)

It’s a sweet plan, isn’t it? Just in case, for sumarize:

- 2 Sugar Kid Con -
From 31 of October to 3rd of November at Booth 37 at Salón del Manga (Barcelona, Spain)