We’re looking for new Monsters! (We’re hiring)

There are a lot of castles around the world as you may know: Castle Black, Castle of Grayskull, Castle of Illusion, CastleVania, Richard Castle… but today we want to speak about what lives inside our Monster Castle.

A castle which is about to open its doors to welcome new monsters! Yes, WE’RE HIRING MONSTERS IN ALL DEVELOPMENT POSITIONS IMAGINABLE.

Don’t be afraid if you’re ugly or smell like a monkey’s ass, this could be your place. We are starting a new multi platform project (yes! Consoles! Xbox One, PS4…) and we need reinforcements. We offer a competitive salary, a good place to work ( our Monster Castle is located in the sunny and lovely Barcelona) and the possibility to develop a next gen game. So, we want to hear from you.

Would you be the next monster in the nest?

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Marc and Cristina with Dani, Caste and Rafa fighting the world.

Internships at ACOM

We have no posted any job offer since we are a serious company. But, we have to say that we have worked with some freelances, and we have supported some internships at A Crowd of Monsters (remember that ACOM is the acronym of the name of our company).

And we have to say that has been a pleasure to work with Mark and Cristina. Not only they have learnt things related to graphical art (both of them are studying at Escola Massana) and they have done some pieces of art that you will appreciate at our next game, but also they have been really enthusiast, and the have been so nice that have given us a present at their departure time :)

So Jon Snow and a walker are with Sugar Kid, Sully, Carlton Banks and other figurines at the entrance of our offices thanks to Marc and Cristina :).

Aaaaaand, related to this, we receive like 5 aplications looking for a job / internship each day. We will answer ALL the aplications when we have a project. And this will be in a couple of months. Stay alert ^_^.


We will be at Retro Madrid 2014!

Hi there! You may not know it, but Retro Madrid is an event based in Madrid (Spain) since 1995, that works as a meeting of people that loves old computers and old school games.

But the event has been growing and growing, and what at the beginning took space at University, now is one of the most respectful events related to videogames in Spain. And they have openned to Indie Games, so… we are there, sharing space with the lovely people of Beautifun Games, Relevo Videogames, Fictiorama Studios, Frictional Games, Pixels & Coffee, Rain Games, Risin Goats and Watermelon. You have an official press note (in spanish only, sorry) here.

So… if you want to pass tomorrow and Sunday, and say Hi! (Hola!) we will be charmed to show you our games, and talk a bit about them with you. And to talk about old games too!

See you there!


A Crowd of Monsters <3 Xbox One

When we began to form our company, our mission was to make good games. One of the first thing we did is to share among ourselves what is “a good game”, because, for each one it is something completely different. There appeared several names, like “Shadow of the Colossus”, “Mass Effect”, “Vandal Hearts”, “Parodius”, or “Psychonauts”, among others.

This is the type of games we want to make, big games, done with love, a lot of effort, that bring to the player the best we can do. The best graphics, the best game design, the best ideas, the best music.

One of our dreams was to make console games. For that reason, we have several Ouya in the office, and other strange systems. And now Microsoft has announced worldwide that A Crowd of Monsters is one of the studios that are working now at ID@Xbox (you can check the list here, we are the second on the list, and look! Alientrap! The Behemoth! OMG) . Yes, that means that now we can make Xbox One games, and we are working on Xbox One games.

Still we cannot announce any project, but we can say something. For us is strange to read, on one side, the news related to ID@XBox program, meanwhile it has worked really well for us till now. We don’t know why, if we are a small company that no one owes us nothing, we have no problems on this system, and we have read all types of problems about other companies. This world is strange.

So… Welcome to anyone that has visited our website today as the first time, we expect to announce things sooner than later, and yes, A Crowd of Monster and A Crowd of Monsters is the same thing(our legal name has no S at the end, but the trademark has S… things from the registers…). Thank you for coming, and keep the faith on us!

Merry Funkychristmas 2013!

It has been an interesting year. We have been traveling from USA to Japan passing through Europe (London, Cologne and Paris). We have “release” one game, and we have 3 more in works. So… we want to give you our best for you and your families & friend in form of a Christmas Card (you have it in spanish too :D). We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year 2014!