First look at Blues & Bullets development

We have to apologize because we have not written anything since Gamescom, but have worked a lot. We have changed our office, we have recruited “a lot” of people (we have to present them in a future post :D), we are in the final final final pre-release moment (we expect to announce it in few days) of Funk of Titans, and we have more things to present to you.

One of these things is that we are working on Blues & Bullets in a very strong way. Here you can take a look to a sneak peek about how the development is going (remember, till the end of May 2015 it is not expected the first chapter to appear on Xbox One), and you can tell us what do you think at our twitter account and our facebook page. Here you have it!


Blues & Bullets at GamesCom 2014


For those who can’t wait until we work a little more in our brand new title, here you can have a little more information about the next game we are going to develope with a bigger team, a bigger monster castle and even more courage than before!

Blues & Bullets is an episodic noir story, where the player will need to survive thrilling shootouts, dark investigations, difficult decisions to make and unexpected story twists in the skin of a former detective who struggles with his own demons trapped in a decadent city.


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Funk of Titans

He is Super Cool …

Funk of Titans is our first console videogame at A Crowd of Monsters, and we are presenting it on Gamescom 2014 for Xbox One. So, stay tuned, because the game will be released at some moment Fall 2014 for the newest Microsoft console. We will post all the info about this game in this post, so keep this in mind and stay alert about it!


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Recruiting process closed!


Yes! We are almost done with our second game, and we have finished the recruiting process for all the positions we required. They have been busy weeks in which we have been interviewing a lot of interesting people. Some of them have more experience in this industry that any one of our team, others are full of talent and energy, all of them qualify to work in the videogames industry, either as a junior or as a senior.

But we had to choose, and select the people we think are the best ones for our next project. We think we have made the right choice. Any person that has been involved in a process like this should know how difficult it is. We had to choose twelve people for these positions, and we have received more than one hundred CVs these days.

By the way, please, keep sending your CVs! In the next weeks we will do something to be able to answer you faster and better, we are always looking for new talents ^_^.

Finally… we are moving! We will move to a place near our current Monster Castle, and the next Monster Castle is like ten times bigger than the first one. We will give you a sneak peek of the new place in due time.

Expect good news about us in the next days :) Stay tuned!